How does Plutify work?


Input your financial information such as: income, expenses and total savings to date.

Additionally, you can configure your main assumption such as: rate of return and withdrawal rate.


Plutify will evaluate your financial health based on the data provided.

Our financial health score is based on general guidelines from multiple different Personal Finance sources.


Plutify will project your savings and investments into the future.

Our system can accomodate for different scenarios and complex situations.


Finally, you can plan your path to financial independence!

Plutify will help you reach your financial goals.



Your data is private and stays anonymous! We don't sell your data to third parties

Full history

Review and reflect on your progress thus far


You can download your data in a spreadsheet format at any time

Advanced projections

Project your finances into the future using sophisticated prediciton models


Visualize how your decisions today impact your financial future

Share your progress

Publish parts of your profile, you are in full control of the data you share


Early access

The team behind Plutify is actively working on creating a platform where you can evaluate your financial health and get more detailed projections.

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