Plutify is a start-up created for the sole purpose of helping people plan and prepare for the future they want. Most online platforms focus on short-term savings and budgeting and while that has its uses, it is problematic for those thinking of the long-term. This is where the idea of Plutify was born.

Plutify was founded by a team of KTH graduates that have a passion for financial independence (FIRE movement) and found that online resources were lacking when it came to the tools they sought. The goal is to create an open and free platform for all those that wish to plan for their future in a simple and convenient way. A key component in this is trust and transparency. To achieve it, Plutify sets out to never sell your data to third parties, never handle user money or finances directly, and will always offer the users to download their information in a spreadsheet format.

The platform is in full development and we hope you see the value we want to offer. If you are interested please sign up for early access below and give us your honest feedback. Each input is valuable to us as we wish to co-create this platform with the community and make it the best it can be.

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Contact us at hello@plutify.com


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The team behind Plutify is actively working on creating a platform where you can evaluate your financial health and get more detailed projections.

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